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Octoboy (Tomas Morato, Quezon City)

If you've followed our earlier food adventures, you would have noticed that we like Japanese food. Not only the usual tempura or katsu, but also more Japanese-y foods. Like takoyaki (balls of wheat flour with all sorts of flavorings, fillings and toppings) and okonomiyaki (the heftier pancake version of the takoyaki). We've had a lot of takoyaki, and so far the BEST kind in this country comes from Octoboy. Of course, that's their specialty. Most of their outlets only serve takoyaki, but their main store in Tomas Morato, Quezon City serves all kinds of Japanese food. Even okonomiyaki. We just had to go to the mothership to sample all the goodness.

First up was some takoyaki. They serve 3 flavors - octopus, shrimp and bacon. The service was a bit slow, but after some time we were able to eat. It's really surprising how good this stuff makes you feel. It's got a sweetness from the mayonnaise and the sauce, and some mild seafood flavors from the fillings (except for the bacon). The main restaurant serves theirs kind of overcooked though, we prefer it with a little less charring. But still, good, smooth tasting carbohydrate fun. Oh, and the octopus inside is real, it's got a nice firm texture to it, as opposed to squid which is a bit softer.

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SumoSam (Gateway Mall)

Here we are again, lunchtime at the Gateway mall in Quezon City. It's Japanese day today, so to Sumo Sam we go. We've eaten here before, but not at this particular branch, so we expected the usual Sumo Sam dining characteristics: good taste, big servings, and value for money. We ordered some of their tempura ramen to share. It's good for about 1-2 people, depends on how hungry you/you and your companion are. If If I remember correctly, it's a tonkotsu base - so it's a mildly sweet but bold (porky) flavor. Tempura was the usual - nice and fluffy. Could have used more but, well we were sharing.

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Circles Event Café (Makati Shangri-La)

Ah, hotel buffets. Many fond memories of getting a reservation, asking if the parking is free, of me being under-dressed, and oh yes, great food. These are the things that come to mind when we recall our several trips to Circles Event Cafe in the Makati Shangri-La. Every visit was a delight, with the courteous staff and subdued yet opulent ambiance. Makes me feel rich already.

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Alfarsi (Maginhawa)

There are a LOT of places to eat in Quezon City. All tucked into the streets here and there, so you just have to (know where to) look. We went to a newly built building full of eateries along Maginhawa street in Diliman to sample some of Alfarsi's Persian Grill food. It's owned by some young entrepreneurs (who are friends of Chesca's brother), so show your support! PS: they're on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlfarsiPersianGrill

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Wildflour (BGC)

One rainy weekend we took a trip to the Wildflour at BGC. We've been looking to try it out after hearing good reviews about it. Parking was simple enough, although it can be a bit hard to find (it's inside the building where the restaurant it). This eatery exudes an upper-class, somewhat elitist atmosphere. You can see it in the diners; everyone seemed to be dressed in their finest and even had their pets along with them for brunch. It was packed inside too, so we had to settle for seats outside.

First up was some a pastry appetizer. The bread had a crackling crust and was on the salty side (kind of like a baguette). Came with a lot of butter though. But we used it up anyway :D.

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